Proteins Lipids Organelles

Protein Trafficking Song - to the tune of Smash Mouth's "All Star"

Created by a student in Spring 2018

Professor Lowery told me the world is full of proteins

It took some time to learn how they worked

I was feeling kind of dumb with the vocab and the problems

They were all going over my head

So, I wrote this song and I won’t stop singing

Not till I learn how all proteins are moving

It all starts with the rough ER

It makes proteins but not the lipids

So many ribosomes, they don’t stay there

And they make different proteins

They all go to the ER,

And get transported via vesicles

Hey, now, you’re a protein, have an ER, signal sequence

Hey now, I know an SRP will, recognize, you

Then an SRP receptor

Brings you to the protein translocator

It’s a busy place, they say it never calms down

Your ER signal sequence gets stuck in the membrane

The sequences tend not to differ

Hydrophobic regions are always in the picture

It starts going inside, at the n terminus

Transmembrane regions are next, hydrophobic too

The c terminus is last, at the end of the chain

They thread through the ER and there's no need to change

There’s a, nifty trick, to remember, how they thread

If there's, an ER signal sequence, the n terminus is in the, lumen

But if there is not,

It stays in the cytosol

Now there's, modification, takes place in the, golgi

It gets, glycosylated, if there's, Asparagine,

Disulfide bonds in the ER,

Staple proteins together

Somebody once asked, what if they misfold a lot?

Then you get an unfolded protein response

Makes more ER, what a concept

And a few more chaperones as well

Or it goes to, apoptosis

Well, the transport starts coming and it won’t stop coming

Vesicles made with clathrin and dynamin

It makes sense, vesicles go everywhere

The proteins move and your cell just functions

So much to do so many places to go

Because the cell needs a whole lot

They undergo exocytosis

They undergo endocytosis

Hey now, you’re about done, just a couple things to, know

Hey now, there are two types, of, exocytosis

There’s constitutive and regulated

Constant dumping or with a signal

Constitutive and regulated

Constant dumping or with a signal